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    MyCampusing is the Campus internship and campus entry-level jobs marketplace dedicated entirely to students and new grads. Our goal is to help you launch a career you love. And because we know firsthand how stressful job-hunting can be, we’ve crafted resources to help you every step of the way.

    MyCampusing Community helps you to become a Campus Ready Students for your dream Jobs.

    Take a Campusing Job Standardized Assessments and Follow your dream Companies.

    Multiple Apply for your dream campus Job and Internship will create an opportunity for your first employability.

  • roovx Roovx

    Roovx Smart Lamp is integrated with Bluetooth that lets you control the color of the lamp using your mobile. Keeping things hassle free, all you need to do is simply plug the lamp in your power socket.

    • Smart lamp for every occasion.
    • Perfectly fits in your surroundings.
    • Best lighting decor for your home.
    • Set up any color to match your mood.
    • Choose up to 16 millions colors from Roovx App.
  • twelit Twelit

    Twelit is a smart healthcare screening solutions powered by data driven intelligence. We are dedicated to bring AI based low cost affordable healthcare solutions that can bring a positive impact on billions of lives.

    Twelit was created in order to generate AI based medical diagnosis platform which is simultaneously evolving and autonomous upgradation of platform to provide prediction report on visual medical data of infected lesions.

    Early detection can prevent these 'all-cause mortality' and to that we realized that there was a need for a tool that could be easily used by pathologists which would provide high specificity and sensitivity.

  • deviceviral DeviceViral

    DeviceViral is an End-to-End IoT Platform that remotely connects all 'things', manages devices, collects data, allows action management, analytics and visualization and integrates with cloud services.

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Rootalpha Joins NVIDIA's Deep Learning Inception Program
XLr8 Andhra Pradesh Technology Business Acclerator
Incubation support from IIM A,being a part of Indian Innovation Growth Program 2.0.

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